Satay Pork w/Brussels Sprouts

We’ve been eating a lot of Brussels sprouts lately (Thanks to spell check, I just realized right now that “Brussels” has an “s” at the end of it…maybe it’s originally from Belgium!) They are in season and, more importantly, on sale! I bought a huge bag from Costco, and I just love the way they taste. Since it’s just the three of us, and one of us is inside of my womb, that bag has lasted us quite some time.

I used the last of the Brussels sprouts bag today. I usually just broil them in the oven with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a hint of maple syrup. But I tried something different today, and Beland really liked it! I used the following recipe (, but substituted Chinese Satay sauce in lieu of black bean sauce. Serve it over rice, and it there’s your protein, veggies, and carbs all in one bowl!

The satay sauce has a bit of kick to it, and it doesn’t have the bitterness that’s in black bean sauce. Here’s what the satay sauce canister looks like – you can get it at the Chinese market:

I also learned that Brussels sprouts are “incredibly nutritious vegetable that offers protection from vitamin A deficiency, bone loss, iron deficiency anemia, and believed to protect from cardiovascular diseases and, colon and prostate cancers.” (see for more Brussels sprouts facts). Pretty nifty veggie!


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